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Full Heart Leadership
A Program on Mastery

Full Heart LeadershipA Program on Mastery
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Program Introduction

What We Do

Fisher Associates is an international management consulting firm that supports senior business executives achieve an extraordinary level of leadership excellence.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our Clients are top executives who have a desire to differentiate themselves. They are in a position to launch “first of kind” and “best of class” projects in their organizations.

The Results You Want to Achieve

The five main reasons our clients ask us for help are:
  1. business meetingFocused attention on how to achieve measurable, identifiable results.
  2. Improved skills in developing Leading, Managing & Coaching relationships with their lead teams.
  3. How to cause their leadership message to cascade throughout the organization.
  4. How to express their leadership skills in a way that works in their personal life as well as in their business life.
  5. How to transition into an advance leadership role and/or new career.