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Full Heart Leadership
A Program on Mastery

Full Heart LeadershipA Program on Mastery
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Program Introduction

Full Heart Leadership Program™

The Program of Mastery
  • For CEO’s, Board of Directors, Senior Executive members of the Lead Team.
  • The major result is that the leader discovers how to access and develop talents and skills that radiate from the whole person out into the organization. It’s not uncommon that HR feedback reports an increase in employee satisfaction scores along with the Board’s satisfaction with the quarterly reports.
  • The Program is built upon three basic leadership dimensions:
  • Know Myself
  • Develop Myself
  • Launch Myself

Click here to download the Power Point "Full Heart Leadership" Program Introduction.

Leadership+ Program™

The Abundance of Leadership
  • For Middle Managers who aspire to more leadership responsibility, Fast Track executives, Hand Picked executives needing a rocket boost to the next level.
  • The main result is that the Leader is expressing an extraordinary amount of connection with their Lead Team, and it goes up and down into the organization, resulting in increased morale, and bottom line results.
  • Provides insights into the DNA of Leadership, i.e. beyond business school management principles into the basics of essential people skills required of today’s global leaders. The abundance is expressed by breakthrough results.
  • Built on the basic Principles of Business Performance and the usually overlooked Principles of Personal Performance.

Integral Leader Program™

  • For Team Leaders, Supervisors, Emerging Leaders transitioning to Management positions.
  • The major result produced is that the Leaders demonstrate an expanded breadth and scope of responsibility along with increased ability to communicate goals and needs resulting in shorter time to finishing projects.
  • Provides leadership skill sets and builds confidence as increased results are demonstrated.
  • The Integral Approach is distinguished by six principles discovered collectively by Fisher’s associates while consulting in real time, directly with business executives as they are leading their organizations.


Our Design Programs

Program Design

Fisher Associates custom designs Training Programs, Corporate Initiative Programs, Leadership Development Programs, Training the Trainer Programs, Non-Profit Programs to fit your specific needs while staying within your training budget.


Producing Results

Our designs are focused on producing programs with measureable results. Participants in our programs give feedback about an increase in innovation and an increase in high performance work relationships. Our program results are designed to cascade throughout the entire organization.

After we worked with Fisher Associates, I think people increased their level of respect for each other, their trust in one another's accountability, and their commitment to the work and projects. They knew they were being encouraged to think on their own, to be more creative, to be more innovative.
President, Mattel-Fisher Price, Canada


Impacting Organizations

Examples the impact of our programs on organizations:

  • Increased Leadership skills in a way that resulted in increased productivity of the entire organization.
  • Galvanized the organization's marketing message resulting in increased sales revenue.
  • Raised workforce morale and increased workforce engagement in their jobs.
  • Caused a quantum leap in the entire organization's ideas as to what they could accomplish. They designed a game changing industry product which set sales records and put the company at the top Tier in their industry.
  • Inspired young leaders to initiate community projects leaving them knowing that they are indeed, a leader today.


Programs Designed for Profit

Aligned Matrix Leadership Program - Novartis Pharmaceutical
A program designed to support the need for the executive leaders to closely manage high volume project management tasks.
The Service Initiative - Flextronics Corporation
A program designed to elevate the quality of customer service for divisions in East and West Europe, South America, and Asia.
Strategic Alignment Program - Quest International, a Unilever Company
A program designed to create a unified corporate vision in 29 Countries.
Partner Coaching Program - Dialogic, an Intel Company; Southwest Electricity Board, UK
A program designed to teach executives how to form teams and manage toward achieving breakthrough results.


Programs Designed Non-Profit

Partners In Education - Lifespring Corporation
A program designed to support Teachers, parents and students to work as partners in developing a more integrated approach to how students learn.
Leadership For the 21st Century - University of California, Berkeley
A program designed for Student Leaders that teaches them to design, fund, and launch community programs.
Youth Leadership Program - Child of the 21st Century
A global youth leadership program supporting 18-25 year olds launch community projects in their own countries.
Foundation For Spiritual Democracy - 501(C)3
A global youth leadership program using spiritual mentors as project advisors.